Welcome to the GTA V files WikiaEdit

This wiki comes with a full documentation of all the Grand Theft Auto Five (GTA V) PC files. Well, at least we're working on it. So, feel free to start documentating the GTA V files and help us out a little bit!

Pick one of the folders / archives below to get started:Edit

  • Root folder
  • Update folder
  • x64 folder
  • common.rpf
  • x64a.rpf
  • x64b.rpf
  • x64c.rpf
  • x64d.rpf
  • x64e.rpf
  • x64f.rpf
  • x64g.rpf
  • x64h.rpf
  • x64i.rpf
  • x64j.rpf
  • x64k.rpf
  • x64l.rpf
  • x64m.rpf
  • x64n.rpf
  • x64o.rpf
  • x64p.rpf
  • x64q.rpf
  • x64r.rpf
  • x64s.rpf
  • x64t.rpf
  • x64u.rpf
  • x64v.rpf
  • x64w.rpf

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